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Family Biography Video

To preserve the irreplaceable memories Dwight will videotape your loved one in his or her own home, using a documentary style and interviewing mother or father to bring out the joys, the struggles, the thrills of a lifetime. (Yes, we all have thrills in our lives). Dwight then weaves in your photographs, family video footage, favorite songs and other mementos into a polished, professional video. He can also add original piano music. The project can be as concise or elaborate as you choose. Dwight brings his writing and interviewing skills, a humorous, gentle touch , and years of professional lighting skills to produce a cherished family memory.

Your finished DVDs with be professionally imprinted and Dwight will photograph Mom or Grandmother for a custom designed DVD case cover.

Every member of the family will enjoy seeing father talk about his life in his own '60 Minute' segment. Dwight never uses a cookie cutter approach. Every person is unique, so the video is made from scratch depending on the family's wishes. There's no dropping of elements into some mass produced template.

Besides the family, a biography is also a unique memento for organization or corporate leaders.

Contact Dwight to discuss your family and find out how to preserve your memories in a unique family video.

Saving family memories becomes more important as fathers, mothers and grandparents age. You'd like to see them on tape, talking about their life, dreams, and family history. Dwight brings together all the important elements in something called the Family Biography.

Family biography videos include videotaping your loved one using high definition, professional cameras and studio lighting. Interviews can be conducted anywhere you choose. Footage is edited with professional editing software, and includes titles, a nagivation menu, music and family photos which will be scanned and inserted into the finished video.

Dwight can photograph your father and include that photo on the cover of the DVD case, or you can choose a photograph of your own.

Videos can range from a modest 15 minute overview up to an hour long feature. Dwight will work with you to choose just the right mix of elements in building the movie that works best for you. Prices start at $950. Since each family's video is unique, contact Dwight for an estimate.

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